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CONAN: So you’re saying before you date the person, with the help of your therapist, you quiz them? WHITNEY: It's a Freudian quiz which tells you about someone's subconscious. You're not afraid of experimentation and you'll try anything once in the bedroom.You're a tad bit kinky, just like the sagebush cricket.

You're not really the monogamous type and you enjoy hitting the clubs on weekends. Your friends love you because you bring the party everywhere you go. When the gallant rooster finds food on the ground, he'll give it to his hen before he starts eating it himself.If you're a guy, then you're a true Southern gentleman who enjoys opening doors for your date, and you don't mind paying for their tab. WHITNEY: what is your favorite article of clothing. It could be a creek, a pool -- CONAN: No, I love the Atlantic ocean.

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    Vil du udgive din egen bog eller har brug for hjælp til hvordan laver e-bog?

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