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She was sometimes thought of as a personification of the fire stick which was inserted into a hollow piece of wood and rotated - in a phallic manner - to light her flame.Concerning the status of Vesta's hearth, Dionysius of Halicarnassus had this to say: "And they regard the fire as consecrated to Vesta, because that goddess, being the Earth and occupying the central position in the universe, kindles the celestial fires from herself." The sacred flames of the hearth were believed to be indispensable for the preservation and continuity of the Roman State: Cicero states it explicitly.

While Vesta was the flame itself, the symbol of the phallus might relate to Vesta's function in fertility cults, but it maybe also invoked the goddess herself due to its relation to the fire stick used to light the sacred flame.

This has been suggested as evidence of their ancient Italic origin, because neither of them were "fully anthropomorphized" Counted among the agricultural deities, Vesta has been linked to the deities Tellus and Terra in separate accounts. Water was not allowed into the inner aedes nor could stay longer than strictly needed on the nearby premises.

In Antiquitates rerum humanarum et divinarum, Varro links Vesta to Tellus. It was carried by the Vestales in vessels called futiles which had a tiny foot that made them unstable.

The temple of Vesta held not only the ignes aeternum ("sacred fire"), but the Palladium of Pallas Athena and the di Penates as well.

Both of which are items said to have been brought into Italy by Aeneas.

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