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Divorces often leave people feeling angry, confused, and hurt.You may make mistakes in the parenting or dating realms, or perhaps you will make poor financial decisions.

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Whether the split with your partner was relatively amicable, all divorces come with some degree of stress, whether it be emotional, psychological or even financial – or a combination of all three.While you may need to take some time for yourself away from family and friends, it’s important that you stay connected to your support networks, as feelings of loneliness and isolation are typically high in the initial stages of the divorce process.When it comes to divorce, it’s hard to know what to expect.Divorce is difficult at the best of times, so prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows.Surround yourself with good friends, and try to keep yourself busy so that you can cope with your divorce in positive and constructive ways.

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