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Make time to visit Mon Repos, the 200-year-old summer residence of the Greek royal family and birthplace of our own Prince Philip.View villas in Corfu, Greece A 10 minute boat ride from Corfu Town takes you to the small island of Vidos formerly an ancient Venetian fortress, latterly used as the Corfu 'Alcatraz' and now, thankfully, a tranquil nature reserve, perfect for a gentle stroll.View villas in Corfu, Greece Being so close to Italy, Corfu has some of the finest and most varied cuisine in Greece, thanks to the influence of the Venetians.Specialities include the famous bourdetto (a spicy fish stew traditionally made from freshly caught scorpion fish), the scrumptious range of seafood pasta dishes and locally made ice creams.A total of more than 30 hold coveted Blue Flag status.Inland you will find a seemingly infinite number of picturesque, traditional villages where a simple way of life has remained largely intact for decades.Pontokinisi or Mouse Island is a tiny tree covered islet housing a lovely Byzantine chapel and convent.Ferry boats run regularly from the Kanoni Peninsula, a short drive from Corfu Town.

Έτσι από την Κυριακή 1 Νοεμβρίου 2015 μπορείτε να κάνετε τις αγορές σας και στα φυσικά καταστήματα αλλά και στα online e-shops που κερδίσουν όλο και περισσότερο έδαφος.Corfu has many Ouzeris, simple bars often around harbours, which offer a selection of 'mezes'.Traditional 'meze' can range from a few olives and a little feta cheese, to a large platter of peppers, tomato, octopus and Calamari.Halikouna has soft sand dunes, and it nestles in the midst of green rolling hills.Tavernas and bars provide lunch time dishes and drinks, and there is a range of water sports facilities for the more active amongst us!

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