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Nonetheless, the original casts a long shadow, not least in its blockbusting viewing figures of around 15 million.“I found out they used to have to push mass in Cornwall back by half an hour because people weren’t showing up any more. “But 40 years is enough time to give it another go.

Everyone from my mum and dad’s generation knew about it, but that kind of pressure is exciting.”Family is clearly important to Turner, who praises his long-suffering parents for supporting him through his troubled teenage years, when he was getting into fights at school. But she said to me recently: ‘No you didn’t, you were fine’.

Theatregoers may know Soller from his award-winning performances in Edward II and Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Old schoolmate of Poldark’s turned nemesis, Warleggan is an ambitious young banker who puts profit above principles.

It’s another cad role for Farthing, after his recent appearance in The Riot Club. The TV veteran, who died last November, plays Ross’s uncle and the commanding head of the Poldark clan.

's home is on Netflix, a service that's irreversibly changed how we watch and talk about television?

Charlie Brooker's anthology series is all about how advancements in technology might change the way human beings interact.

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He has done ever since his double-breakthrough in 2009 as one of three supernatural housemates in BBC3 comedy-drama trilogy.

I think she just didn’t want to upset me.”When he left school, a period of career indecision followed.

“There were a lot of things I didn’t want to do,” he says.

The sense of hardscrabble desperation is embodied in the opening episode by Poldark’s fight with a local yokel; involving neither buckle nor swash, it instead begins with a head butt and ends with a knee in the face. The softly spoken Dubliner, like any sex symbol worth his salt, looks sheepish and shrugs off the term. “It’s a little awkward.”Uncrosses them, then rubs his forehead.

“When you’re doing love scenes, clothes tend to get discarded.

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