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Despite all that has been lost through accident and neglect however a great deal has survived.

I hope to show this in describing the surviving registers, firstly in the context of the general history of the registers and then by a more detailed description of their contents.

Flint, which has a register with entries starting in 1538.

10 There are only about half a dozen registers which start before 1560 and only about seventy registers which start before 1600, and many of these start near the end of the sixteenth century. Montgomery, in 1602 is noted in the register but the entries copied into the register start only in 1596.

Cardigan, in 1733 Note that Hence-forward we are Oblig'd by Act of Parliament, to keep our Register Book in English.

English was the official language of the law courts during the period 1651-60 15 also and English is commonly used in the parish registers especially after the 1653 Act 16 relating to parish registers.

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Over four hundred ancient parishes are represented in these two groups.

Asaph start before 1754 but in over half the parishes in the diocese of St.

Davids there is now no register dating before 1754.

The situation is similar as regards the transcripts of the registers (commonly referred to as 'the bishops trancripts') which were ordered to be sent to the diocesan registry annually from 1598 onwards.

11 Transcripts dating from 1598 have survived in several English dioceses and in some dioceses there are transcripts from before 1598.

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